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About Us

The foundation “Estrellas en la Calle” is a private non-profit organization (legal status Nº 176/06), working with children, teenagers, young people and families who find themselves in a situation of high vulnerability in the city of Cochabamba (Bolivia). These people live in poverty or in extreme poverty, both in the streets and in high risk situations (families living in low-income areas).


To establish a legal non-profit, institution, whose representative and transparent structure allows us to create a fundamental focus regarding the attention to those at risk, high risk and those on the streets.


To develop programs and projects based on care and prevention for children, teenagers, young people and families who find themselves in situations of risk, high risk and in street situations. To improve their quality of life and level of family integration, through a multi and interdisciplinary approach.


A volunteer is a person who, led by a genuine interest in helping others, commits to work within the institution. The volunteer is ready to share her or his time, energy, knowledge and wants to help those who need help, without receiving any financial benefits.



Any contribution to our work that You want to make is important to us. Your help makes it possible for us to make a difference for our beneficiaries.

How can I contribute

Friends Network

The network of Friends of the Foundation "stars in the street", is made up of people committed to the social problems of our city who share the desire to provide social assistance. Therefore, they make a monthly economic contribution to the institution and participate in activities that the Foundation promotes according to their capacities.

Friends Network objectives:

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