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You can be a volunteer

A volunteer is a person who, led by a genuine interest in helping others, commits to work within the institution. The volunteer is ready to share her or his time, energy, knowledge and wants to help those who need help, without receiving any financial benefits. Among other, the role of the volunteer is to help developing the programs and activities of the institution.

In order to be a volunteer within the Foundation Estrellas en la Calle, there are some requirements. For example you have to know at least basic Spanish language and stay at least six months.

On the other hand, if You would like to visit us for a shorter time period, it can be arranged by making a so called Visit.
The institution also accepts help from professionals or interns who, depending on the requirements of the internship, stays different amounts of time.
If You wish to be a volunteer, make a visit or to do an internship with us, please, write us at the email address below. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Volunteer/Intern coordinator - Alejandro Montecinos

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    +591 - (4) 4265943

    Lic. Víctor Arellano
    +591 – 79746424

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    Fundación Estrellas en la Calle
    Casilla 1626

    Cochabamba - Bolivia

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